At least 100 people are feared dead in Kentucky after a swarm of tornados tore a 200-mile path through the U.S. Midwest and South. The strongest tornado was an F4 at Van Wert, Ohio and 33 of the tornadoes occurred in Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia, including several long-track killers rated F3s. According to Tennessee Gov. HOUSTON, Texas (KIAH) - We have experienced two noteworthy severe weather events unfold in the past week. What caused tornado outbreak? Warm weather a key factor ... Tornado outbreak of November 1992 - Wikipedia Houston Gives; Celebration Announcements . An emotional Beshear said the death toll in Kentucky stands at 64 people, adding that the number of deaths will "certainly be above 70, maybe even 80." Rural communities feeling left behind after deadly tornado outbreak Dec 17, 2021 2 min ago; 0 As President Joe Biden visits larger towns and cities in Kentucky devastated by recent tornados, aid . How you can help support Western Kentucky after severe ... 2015 Texas-Oklahoma flood and tornado outbreak. Houston scrap metal king's beef with HPD Sgt. It was part of a larger outbreak that spawned other tornadoes. This tornado followed an unusual path, moving to the south-southwest and has revived studies on the role of gravity waves on thunderstorm initiation. How Friday's rare, deadly December tornado outbreak unfolded The National Weather Service received 37 reports of tornadoes in six states Friday. The 2018 Northwest Houston-Pasadena Tornado was a particularly intense EF5 that touched down to the NE of Brenham in Washington County, TX and was on the ground for over 2 Hours as it tore a path of destruction 105 miles long, from Brenham to Seabrook, killing 4,035, injuring more than 200,000, and doing over $18 billion (2018 USD) in damages. Morning storms, tornadoes cause damage in Houston area, Southeast Texas. Additionally, many areas reported tornado activity and lightning. Via Danielle Lerner of the Houston Chronicle: With tornado sirens going off in downtown Memphis amid a tornado warning in Shelby County, the #Rockets team plane was forced to circle for an hour in . Houston-based meteorologist Matt Lanza said these kinds of tornadoes are "rare" in December, and CBS meteorologist Jeff Berardelli called it a "rare historic December tornado outbreak."Many other commenters online wondered just how unusual a tornado outbreak in December is, given "tornado season" is typically around May. TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - The catastrophic tornado outbreak Friday night has a Tallahassee family mourning and searching for a loved one. The tornadoes were part of a weather system that also caused . HOUSTON ( KIAH ) — A severe weather outbreak looms Friday night as a powerful storm system and cold front head eastward across the U.S. Andy Beshear says searches continue for the missing amid efforts to shelter those whose homes were destroyed. Between November 21 and 23, 1992, there were 103 confirmed tornadoes that touched down over 13 states. The strongest of these tornadoes was an F4 tornado (modern day EF5) destroyed Channelview. Dallas. Nov 21, 2009. CHICAGO ( NewsNation Now) — There are very few things more terrifying than the sound and fury of a tornado. Officials estimated Sunday that . The 2025 Houston tornado was a large, rain-wrapped tornado that struck Houston, Texas on the afternoon of January 6, 2025. Bill Lee, a tornado tore through Tiptonville, Tenn., Friday night, killing two people staying at Cypress Point Resort. U.S. Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. (Dec. 13) Some local organizations are planning . November 1992 represents the benchmark tornado outbreak for Greater Houston. Last month, the Ottawa Senators had three games postponed . Newscast from May 20th, 1983, coverage of killer tornadoes that hit the Houston area.follow us for more great content!Facebook: TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV/Gray News) - A family in Florida is mourning the loss of two people in the catastrophic tornado outbreak in Tennessee Friday night while searching for another loved one . Houston-based meteorologist Matt Lanza said these kinds of tornadoes are "rare" in December, and CBS meteorologist Jeff Berardelli called it a " rare historic December tornado outbreak ." Many. A bond was raised Friday for the mother of an 8-year-old boy whose remains were left in his Houston home, along with three . Houston, TX » 72° Houston, TX » . is . The April 1982 tornado outbreak affected areas from north Texas to Illinois, but, as most outbreaks, was marked by several deadly and destructive tornadoes. This man drove half an hour with a grill and a truckload of food and parked right . Eventually the tornado crosses the Buffalo Bayou at the Eleanor Tinsley Park, this is where Freedom Over Texas is held. The outbreak began on November 21 with a cluster of six tornadoes, ranging from F1 to F4 intensities, that struck parts of the Houston metropolitan area. Dec. 15—Was it just another tornado? "Hotter, faster, stronger: That isn't a tagline for the next blockbuster superhero movie. Several other tornadoes spun up elsewhere across Southeastern Texas, for a total of 14 in the state. now, less than a week after friday night's so-called quad-state tornado carved a 128-mile continuous path as part of an outbreak that covered 250 miles across arkansas, missouri, tennessee and. The NOAA summary after the storm said 2 F-1's and one F-2 . Bill Lee, a tornado tore . Why nighttime tornadoes are 2.5 times more likely to be deadly. The tornado outbreak that killed at least 88 people — 74 of them in Kentucky — cut a path of devastation from Arkansas, where a nursing home was destroyed, to Illinois, where an Amazon . A: The devastating tornado outbreak that visited Kentucky and Illinois overnight Friday into Saturday morning has left a tragically large death toll in its wake. At least 88 people - including 74 in Kentucky - were killed by the tornado outbreak that swept across several states. We had several Click2Houston reports including this one from Friendswood. Brown said eight tornado emergencies — the most life-threatening and extreme tornado warning — were issued Friday. Satellite images show path of destruction from deadly tornado outbreak Jan. 6 panel spells out Meadows' efforts to help Trump flip election Shooting at Houston-area vigil kills at least one, wounds 13 I've been blogging about some of the more memorable weather of 2021 so how ironic that just last Friday would be the MOST memorable severe weather outbreak of .